The Drupal Cinema Zapping StoryLink

The year was 2015 AD and there was one special night. It was a movie night,... but not some random Hollywood movie premiere. It was Drupal Cinema Night, premiering Drupal Cinema Zapping - exclusively for the eyes of attendees of the DrupalCamp Vienna

Over at acolono Gmbh, we were pretty stressed with organizing the Camp and nervous about showing this fine piece of film for the first time to a broader audience.

We didn't expect how much people would come to love it! Some asked if there were reruns or if they can find it online. At that point it was obvious to us : "This has to be a special event which will be shown in cinemas only" and only to those worthy of it :)

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We want your video on the big screen!

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What is it all about?Link

Super-heroes, Monkey Boys, crazy rap battles and everything mixed with Drupal…

ONE cinema
ONE night
ONE epic mashup from outa space ;)

You can think of this event/happening/thingie as a community side event in addition to your Drupal (related) Event.
It fits perfectly with either the first or closing nights, to make a great Drupal Camp even better

  • ~30 minutes of film
  • rapidly cut
  • smallest video quality possible ;P
  • viewing long believed lost scenes
  • just for the crowd

Quotes from the CommunityLink

Drupal Ruben Teijeiro

Cinema Zapping proves how the Drupal community is contributing to create entertainment material beyond kitten videos.

Drupal Zsófi Major

Cinema Zapping, the perfect chance to once again realize, that our awesome community is full of great talents outside our eryday expertise area and that in the end we are all made of stars

Drupal Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen aka mortenDK

#$%*... I missed it!

Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen / mortenDK

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Whats the deal?Link

If you got curious or you have been to a Cinema Zapping Night before: Good news! We would be honored to have our Magic be part of YOUR Drupal (related) Event!

If you are willing to invite us (doesn't matter where around the world you might be located), lend us a hand a little with local organizing/planning and rent a suitable location (preferably a small cinema), then we promise an epic and memorable night.

Contact us if you are ready :)